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Augstein world – What will the China economy

President Xi Jinping is considered by many as a party leader, wants to gain domination of the world. However, this is unlikely.

True to size, deserves the following description: The tree has made some in his neighborhood planted trees wither, he has smothered the plants that grew at his feet; but its summit is raised up into the clouds, its Branches are widely used, its shadows he loves those who will come, and come to rest on his majestic throne. Fruits of the finest flavour he brings, the renew always.

These lines – for the purpose of the thing transposed into the presence – taken from Goethe’s 1805 published the Transfer of Denis Diderot’s dialogue, novel “Rameau’s nephew”. The French enlightenment philosopher, had described the image of a powerful figure, a Hegemon. The United States of America have been fond of Hegemon – in German they were called the “world’s policeman”. Their political leaders would not have purchased Diderot’s words, however, on your self-understanding to you always have only the Best for all intended and made; when you choked the government of another country, “” have, then, the opposite was not merely the media as the necessary punishment for Misconduct, but mostly understood.

China’s leadership would not mind, to refer to Diderot’s portrayal of a Hegemon on. The Western understanding of democracy has no roots. What has brought Western understanding of democracy in Libya in 2011, with military means – a broken country in a state of civil war, the leadership in Beijing as an example for the realization of the idea of freedom according to the Western idea. No less daunting is what has led to the West, imported economic liberalism after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia Under President Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s state assets was given to self-seeking oligarchs prey.

China is now regarded as a “risk”, as “systemic rival”. A new book, published by DVA, is called: “The silent conquest”. The authors, Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg want maps to show “How China Western democracies undermined, and the world”. More new books that argue in a different direction, called “How far to the war?” (Conrad Schuler, published by Papyrossa) and “The Chinese century. The new number one is different” (Wolfram Elsner, Westend Verlag).

All of these books have their merits, but all are written from a Western point of view. Amusing it is that both critics of the leadership in Beijing, as well as those applying for you understanding, to rely on what the head of state, Xi Jinping, 2017 on the 19. The party Congress has declared. He explained because, among other things, by 2020 there will be in China, no more poverty, and by 2050, the people’s Republic will be “global leadership”. Similar announcements are as vague as the weather forecasts during the Corona shutdown, as the world’s many passenger planes rose to the sky on the collected data, forecasters are dependent. A number of observers in the West to build, however, your analysis of what has been announced, Xi Jinping, and interpret from their own point of view. So you don’t need to feel, to grope in the Dustern. Anyone who is interested in any for China, should take the book of the British Sinologist Kerry Brown to the Hand (“The world of Xi Jinping”, Fischer-Verlag, 2018). Kerry has described China’s political elite thinks and calculates.

You know in Beijing that the one-party state is frowned upon in the West

The first great error of Western observers is the fact that you appreciate the size of the Empire under. You can take part of concern, to note that China is the main trading partner of more than 120 countries. The Chinese internal market is, however, given a population of almost 1.4 billion people, more reliable than any foreign Terrain: Already, XI’s predecessor, had issued the currency, the consumption in the own country should be promoted.

A mistake, the acceptance, the Chairman Xi and the Chinese Communist party had secretly world conquest plans. The opposite is the case. Each official of the KP is familiar with the story. These people argue from a Position of weakness. China was in the 19th century. and early 20th century. A century of colonial powers plundered. Mao’s “Great leap forward” had a gruesome famine will result. The victims of Mao’s evil “cultural revolution” in memory. At the beginning of the 20th century. Century asked Chinese politicians, how it could happen, that your country, where the compass and explosives were invented, was suspended, the game ball in the hands of foreign countries. XI’s rhetoric, as Kerry pointed out, the revival of China as a large, important country is plausible: We want to be who. That’s all.

A tragic misunderstanding between Western countries and China. According to Kerry, China’s leadership has realized that the economic rise of the country of concern in the West head. You do not know, in Beijing, that the one-party rule from the perspective of democratic countries is acceptable. The Confucius institutes in many cities should provide. This is a failure: they are considered to be indoctrination oases of the Chinese Communist party. If it’s not working politically-culturally, the economic exchange of: As straight-talking negotiation, and it serves the understanding. By the way: Diderot’s great tree in “Rameau’s nephew” is not a state, but the famous French playwright Jean Racine.

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