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Attack islamist in Germany: a man was run over by several vehicles and caused multiple accidents that left six wounded


A man caused the Tuesday, several accidents with his vehicle on a highway that runs through Berlin and injured six people, three of them seriouslyin an act that the office of the prosecutor called her an “islamist”.

This voluntary act “was motivated islamists, according to early findings of the research” he said to the AFP a spokesman for the local prosecutor’s office, indicating that the authorities would give more information about it in the hours to come.

The press published that the author of acts was an iraqi in 30 years that he shouted “Allahu akbar” (Allah is most great) when he got out of his vehicleafter you have crashed, voluntarily against various cars and bikes to 18.30 local (16.30 GMT). However, the police did not rule out the case of the action of a mentally disturbed, need today the media.

Anyone to approach. If you do not die all”threatened, as was reported by witnesses to the newspaper Bild, threatening to blow up an explosive device. The man was immediately detained by the police.

General view of the highway where the attack took place (Reuters)
General view of the highway where the attack occurred (Reuters) (FABRIZIO BENSCH/)

The movement on this highway is very sought after was disrupted for several hours which led to impressive traffic jams. The police checked all the boxes that are suspicious left behind by the man in his vehicle and not found any explosive device in them.

The German authorities are in a state of alert due to the significant islamic threat which looms over the country, especially after the bombings that took place in 2016 in Berlin by the Islamic State (EI), with a truck that slammed into several people and left 12 dead.

That attack jihadist is the cruelest committed on German territory. Since then, the authorities aborted a dozen attempted attacks, two of them in November 2019.

Since 2013, the number of islamists considered dangerous in Germany increased five-fold and currently is around 680. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been accused often by the extreme right of having contributed to these attacks have generously opened their borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants from 2015.

(With information from AFP)


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