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At the end of the trip, warning: It can go – travel in Europe in Corona times

From the South: From Monday to holidaymakers from Germany can go to popular destinations in Europe. The travel warning of the foreign office is likely to be lifted for 27 European countries, at the same time, most countries allow tourists to enter the country.

Spain as a holiday destination number one of the German citizens abroad is only 1. July. However, up to 10 to 900 people are allowed to fly for a Test of Monday to Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands.

Airports, Airlines and tour operators have with Hygiene and security concepts on the restart is prepared. Lufthansa has reduced its offer of high. Have a great trip shaft, however, is not initially expect to, and also because most of the air travel large organizer start only in the course of the week, or the beginning of July.

The Cabinet had decided that the worldwide travel warning for tourists for 31 European countries for the four States, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Finland is not likely to happen but still on Monday. For the 27 other countries there are detailed notes, in which the country-specific risks will be informed. This can also mean that tourist travel is not advised. For example, in the case of the UK, that should be the case, as long as there is still a 14-day mandatory Quarantine for all entering the country is.

For more than 160 countries on the travel warning, first to the 31 to. August be extended. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas had, however, made it clear that it could also be the exception to the rule, for examples of popular holiday countries such as Turkey, which has already included the air traffic to Germany again. The country on the Bosporus is the third most popular holiday destination of the Germans abroad, to Spain and Italy. The Turkish government is pushing for a lifting of travel warnings “at the earliest possible date”.

A travel warning is a ban not a travel. Holidaymakers can be at their own risk, unless the country opened its borders for tourists. Maas had, however, made it clear that there will be no large-scale return action is more like in March. Organizers are tied up with travel warnings, the hands. You need to cancel the already-booked Trips.

Lufthansa is expanding its offer as of Monday, only 34 of the additional German and European destinations from Munich and about 20 from Frankfurt. In the focus were in the first half of June, the tourist summer destinations. 80 machines have been reactivated.

The organiser trips are likely to start on Monday, however, especially the vacationers who arrive by private car, bus or train. The first holiday flight to the South – with the exception of the Balearic Islands-the Test starts with the industry leader Tui on Wednesday (17.June) to Faro. FTI is on Monday with flights to Athens and Tessaloniki in the process. More goals to follow at the end of June/beginning of July. In the case of tourism, the first flight to start traveling starting on Saturday (20. June) to Portugal. Alltours offers 1. July – in North Rhine-Westphalia, from the start of the holiday – flight package tours in different EU countries.

The Corona-crisis hard-hit travel industry hopes to be able to at least a part of the dramatic break-ins make up for it. “We feel a daily increase in the reservation demand. Among the most popular destinations in Greece, Italy, the Canaries, Bulgaria and Malta,” said RTI Group CEO Ralph Schiller.

Alltours chief Willi Verhuven assumes “that we will reach in the summer, 50 percent of the previous year’s level. The Canary Islands, Greece, Mallorca and Turkey are very much in demand,” he said recently of the “Rheinische Post”.

At Schauinsland-Reisen the current Booking have received in the past two weeks has increased tenfold. The recovery relates to both the short-term bookings for the summer months as well as autumn, Winter and already the summer of 2021. “With a view to Turkey, we would welcome it – in the interests of our customers, when it would come to a bilateral agreement,” the company said.

THE tourist reported significantly bookings for the summer attractive abroad. Higher demand there is for Greece, Turkey, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands and Tunisia and the Indian ocean.

Maas had 17. March due to the Corona pandemic a travel warning to tourists for all of the almost 200 countries in the world in favour of a free cancellation of travel.

Among the countries for which you will now be lifted on Monday, probably 23 of the 26 partner countries of Germany in the European Union, especially from the EU leaked the UK, as well as three of the four States of the border inspection-free Schengen area, which is not a member of the EU: Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For Spain, Norway and Finland, the cancellation will be completed probably later, because there are still Entry bans apply.

Also for Sweden it is likely to be a delay. The Foreign office States on its website that the EU member state is currently meeting the so-called pandemic criteria for the lifting of the warning. Sweden had clearly taken more liberal measures against the Corona of a pandemic than the Rest of Europe.

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