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At least be together ending: UBA-chief Messner use of heaters deems acceptable

At least be together ending
UBA-the chief Messner use of heaters deems acceptable

Could boost the bad business for restaurateurs: the heating mantle. Photo: picture alliance / dpa

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In the cold Season, restaurateurs need to relocate their business back to the inside. The heating mantle could keep the outdoor areas, however, open for longer. Because of the Corona-crisis acceptable, says UBA boss.

The President of the Federal Environment Agency, Dirk Messner, has no objection to a temporary use of electrical heaters in the restaurant business.

“For a transitional period – for example, until there is a Corona vaccine for the General population – is the use of heaters is acceptable,” said Messner, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “We need to consider: we Go to the Local and increase the risk of infection? Or we stay out longer than we could normally, and take the electric heater?”

In principle, the Federal environment Agency to see such patio heaters, however, is critical, stressed Messner. “A conventional heating mantle in eight hours the same amount of CO2 as a gasoline car on a stretch of 145 kilometers. Therefore, we should adopt the principle of of this technology.”

Restaurateurs can look in the Corona-crisis, with concern for the cold Season. Many hope to be able to outdoor areas with heaters longer keep them open. The heaters, however, are considered as climate sinners, consume too much energy and CO2 emissions. Many municipalities that are in the rule for the issue of jurisdiction had banned the devices, therefore, in whole or in part.

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