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Applus, PharmaMar, Vidrala, and Rovi

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Little has lasted the selective Spanish above the 6,900 points since the corrections of yesterday was quite important from the technical point of view, because it leaves a figure of rotation when facing resistance.

This means that if confirmed in today’s session the continuity of the corrections, we could test the lows of September, sooner rather than later.

However, no matter what happens, we always have a set of values that are doing tremendous good, and several of them are worthy of being in my control panel, as they are located in a technical moment very important in addition to having many investors pay attention to them.

What you should invest according to your age?:

1) PharmaMar: Yesterday I wrote an article in which he spoke of the price target of the current correction that is suffering from this company in the 106,30 € and the lows that we saw yesterday were in 106,50 euros before reaction a little bit to the upside. So today we will be alert to see if the reaction uptrend continues and is placed above the 113,20 € as a signal to re-enter the value with the stop in the minimum build.

2) Applus Services: After the break on Tuesday yesterday confirmed already with volume and strength to close above the 7 euros it is therefore more likely that we will see very soon the testing the moving average of long-term passes for 7,377 euros. What is important is that you do not lose now 6.95 euros.

3) Laboratories Rovi: Yesterday was an excellent performance by the morning but before the close lost it all leaving a candle just as ugly as the left PharmaMar the day that marked new record highs. So now tap the cane weigh down. Only if it respects the support of 31 euros and bounces to the upside from that zone we could enter with a stop of protection adhered to the minimum requirements that stop in this session.

4) Vidrala: We are still waiting for the value to break to the upside the area of the 96 euros in the first place and then confirm with the rupture of the 98 euros. So we will be attentive to what may happen in the session today.

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

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