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Applus, Naturgy, Siemens, Gamesa, and Rovi

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The selective English returns to be placed above the 6,900 points but proved unable to break the moving average of the medium-term that is found in the 6.946 points.

This begins to clarify the path to take after the expiration of the last week and now there is only confirmation with the overcoming of the moving average of the medium-term to be able to attack forcefully the highs of October in the 7.025 points.

However, no matter what happens, we always have a set of values that are doing tremendous good, and several of them are worthy of being in my control panel, as they are located in a technical moment very important in addition to having many investors pay attention to them.

What you should invest according to your age?:

1) Siemens Gamesa: We are still waiting for the action to exceed the maximum of the last Wednesday in the 26,47 euros to deploy a new bullish momentum. While we do not see that out of the price range of the past Wednesday by the bottom in 25,39 € we will continue waiting for.

2) Applus Services: Yesterday broke the resistance of 6,80 euros and although it would have been desirable to more volume today, we will be attentive to the possible continuity of the climbs to see your reconquest the 7 euros and subsequently the resistance of the moving average of long-term passes for the 7,395 euros. Therefore, we bet on that scenario while we do not see the loss of 6,69 euros.

3) Laboratories Rovi: Yesterday broke the resistance of 32.40 euros, with a significant volume and now is the time of the confirmation of the break with a close above those that we saw last July 20 in the 32,70 €. Despite this, we would win a lot of security if we expect to see quotes above we saw that day were the 3,80 euros.

4) Naturgy: All prepared to see the break of the resistance around 18,10 euros. As soon as we have the reconquest of the 18,35 € we will have the confirmation to enter in the value by looking for a continuity of the climbs that could reach 20,35 euros. The only thing to watch for is that you do not lose the 17,59 eur.

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

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