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an alternative as a value shelter

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Times of crisis cause is usually a unusual activity within financial markets. While some investors choose to take advantage of the dips to buy at a reduced price, there are those who they prefer to take shelter of the temporary and bet on assets that to protect the capital.

Within this type of investments, gold is the asset par excellence among the conservative options due to its safety. This metal tends to act as a safe haven in times of crisis, due to which its price tends to be more stable when compared with other financial assets. In addition, since it is a well finitetheir price tends to trade to the upside, so many investors see it as one of the best alternatives to keep your heritage safe.

However, the investments that are more defensive are not only those related with the gold bullion. There are other options, such as, for example, the investment in numismatics or investment in historic coins.

What is a formula of investment for all?

Numismatics is an investment alternative that allows you to shelter a capital outside of the circles most common usually move for the investors, i.e., banks, fund managers or listed companies. Being a capital, which, normally, is kept safe and secure at home, you can always dispose of it at any time.

However, this formula of investment it is not meant for all investment profiles. It is oriented to those savers more conservatives who want to preserve their capital, currencies, as such, do not generate a profit comparable to that of other types of financial assets, since they constitute a physical.

However, the investment in this type of coins is also presented different advantages. One of the most obvious is that they are objects that can be transported very easily. So says in Finect Talks to Adolfo Ruiz Calleja, expert in numismaticswho believes that it is an investment far more liquid when compared with other objects of collectors, such as paintings, sculptures, or stamps”.

Even though it is not so much with respect to the investment in other financial assets such as stock shares or investment fundsits ease to be transported and the high number of collectors that exist all around the world to become a liquid investment, it is possible to buy and sell in a relatively short period of time.

Conservation is the key to the value of the coins

Yes, not all coins have the same ease to be sold. In this sense, it will be necessary to take into account different aspects. One of them is its degree of conservation, since, according to points Ruiz Calleja, if the coins have a high level of conservation “the demand will be much higher”.

But, above all, what makes the price of these coins is, as said the expert, the supply and demand. This does not mean a larger or smaller number of coins in circulation, but how many of these historic coins in circulation are preserved properly and have a high quality. And is that, in general, the currencies most in demand internationally in this market are “the currencies of high-quality, large and colorful, which called the attention”.

In addition to these aspects, it is also essential to the history of the own currency and the market in which move, as there may be precious coins to view but which have no demand because of their historical value.

Anyway, in these cases, the most important thing is to make sure that when you buy a currency historical is done through professionals, which will require you to invoice for a number of reasons. One of them, to avoid deception and that the currency that you buy is not a copy and pay for it the appropriate value.

In addition, although it is a good that can be saved at home, it is important to keep in mind that always will have to be taxed by the capital gains to the Treasuryso it is advisable to keep the invoice show the price at which you bought the currency if some day you decide to sell.

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