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Amrum and Föhr ask for later island opening: “Can’t go up from 0 to 100”

Föhr and Amrum support the Sylter concern for a later opening of the islands for day tourists. Together with the office Föhr-Amrum and the Amrum Touristik there is also a corresponding letter, a spokeswoman of Föhr Touristik GmbH told the news agency DPA. “We have always been looking forward to and with our guests. We thought a lot about our guests during the ban on access to the islands and Halligen.” Föhr is very well booked. “The boom in German tourism was to be expected and of course, after weeks of thirst with a fancy Easter season, we are very happy.” The ultimate goal, however, is to ensure that everyone has a relaxing, relaxed and above all safe stay and stays healthy.

“Cannot go up from 0 to 100”

“The medical care of the island is basically good – but not designed for exceptional situations. However, we have such an exceptional situation with the Corona pandemic.” They had hoped for the announced tripartite plan. “To move everything from 0 to 100 percent now would completely overwhelm our infrastructure.” It is therefore hoped that “the district of Nordfriesland will comply with the request and make a special arrangement accordingly”.

At the beginning of the week, all Sylter municipalities, entrepreneurs and Sylt Marketing Sylt had already expressed their request in a letter to Nordfriesland’s Landrat Florian Lorenzen (CDU) to extend the ban on daily tourists on the islands. From Monday, the entry ban for tourist and leisure purposes to Schleswig-Holstein as well as the ban on the entry of islands and Halligen is to be abolished. However, the districts should be given the opportunity to implement their own regulations if necessary in order to limit day tourism.

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