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Also, BASF is affected: Bayer’s Pesticides Dicamba loses for the time being, U.S. approval

A U.S. court has a 2018 under the restrictions of the authorisation granted to the weed ester, Dicamba Bayer destroy lifted.

Also under consideration of the error of the U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, at the time of admission in relation to the consequences of a repeal of the means will be withdrawn from the registration, it said in the reasoning of the court on Wednesday (local time) in San Francisco. The decision means that farmers Dicamaba are not allowed to use, although you may have spent a lot of money for seed, the is drug resistant.

The admission would have been by the end of 2020 valid. An application procedure for admission starting in 2021 is currently running. Of the judgment, also the chemical company, BASF is affected, which also distributes Dicamba products. Bayer wants to check, according to a spokesman for his options in the case.

In February, a US Jury, Bayer and BASF in another legal dispute with Dicamba was sentenced to million heavy damages. In total, the two businesses should pay a peach farmer from Missouri 265 million US dollars. He accused the companies that have suffered by the use of Dicamba on adjacent fields, crop losses, because parts of the weed to destroy his TERS on his plantations blown. Both Bayer and BASF announced that they would appeal against the judgment.

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