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All That You Ever Wanted to Know about AInvesting

Did you want to know more about AInvesting? Yes, it is a great broker that has earned a lot of respect among its traders in recent years. But of course, you want to know more about the broker before you can make up your mind to sign up with it. There are hundreds of other online brokers that you can sign up with, so when you take the decision of signing up with this one, it has to be based on proper research and thorough knowledge. There are many different factors that you have to look at before you sign up with a broker. And that’s what you are going to find out in this AInvesting review

So, let’s start with the review and equip you with all the knowledge that you need before you open a trading account with the broker and fund it. 

All the Assets That AInvesting Offers

First, you have to look at all the assets that the broker has to offer. The asset index of a broker tells you a lot about it. When you have a broker that has a very small asset index, you know that you will have to trade with very little freedom. Most of the assets that the world is trading might not be available to you. However, when you sign up with a broker like AInvesting, you will never have to feel that your trading freedom is gone. This broker gives you access to dozens of financial markets through hundreds of assets. Let’s take a look at the assets that you can trade with AInvesting. 

  • Cryptocurrencies 

The first asset that you need to know about is cryptocurrencies. You still do not have a lot of online brokers that offer you cryptocurrency trading. However, in the modern world, most of the traders from around the world are interested in knowing more about cryptocurrencies and trading them. With what’s going on in the world right now, you can say that the future of crypto assets is definitely bright. With this broker, you have a chance to invest your money in the future of the world. You have a chance to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, you can even trade some other amazing cryptocurrencies like Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc. 

  • Forex Currencies 

The forex market has always enjoyed the limelight from the traders from around the world. Even to this day, this type of trading is the most famous type around the world. You have traders putting in trillions of dollars in this market every single day. No other financial market even comes close to these numbers. And when you sign up with this broker, you will have access to all your favorite currency pairs. AInvesting offers you an opportunity to trade not only the major currency pairs but the most volatile ones as well. Many brokers hesitate from offering you exotic and minor currency pairs, but this broker offers you all the opportunities so you can decide your path yourself. 

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  • Indices 

This is an amazing way to trade the assets of your favorite companies around the world. You have stocks that allow you to trade the shares of a particular company. But when you are interested in many different types of companies at the same time, you go with indices. They allow you to trade your favorite stocks inside a basket. So when you trade indices, you are trading shares from many different companies at the same time. 

  • Commodities

Are you interested in trying your trading skills in oil and gas? If yes, you should put your money in the commodities section of the asset index from this broker. In addition to energies, you can trade a variety of other assets within this category. You will even find precious metals like palladium, platinum, silver, and gold in this category. If you think gold is the safest investment in the world, you will definitely find a way to invest in it with this broker. Last but not least, this same category will allow you to invest your money in produce as well. If you want to trade wheat, cotton, coffee beans, and other types of produce, you will have to pick this category.

  • Stocks 

You probably understand what stocks are all about. If you know the basics of trading, you know that stocks belong to many companies of the world. These companies have their shares spread in the financial markets. You can buy these shares to become a shareholder of the company. You can invest in any company you want with this broker because it brings to you hundreds of companies from around the world. 

  • Bonds and ETFs

You don’t find many brokers that offer you multiple types of instruments to trade in financial markets. When you sign up with AInvesting, you will notice that CFDs are the major method of trading in financial markets. However, you can also trade bonds and ETFs with this broker. That’s what tells you that this broker brings some of the best assets to its traders and that’s why they love trading on its trading platform. 

Account Verification, Information and Funds Safety  

You can expect safety to be at its finest when you sign up with this broker. Let’s discuss one by one how the broker is taking care of your interest, funds, and information when you sign up with it. 

  • Encryption

Encryption is important in this era for the protection of your information. You can have your information safe only when it is encrypted as soon as you provide it on the internet. If the broker you sign up with has not encrypted your information, it will travel naked on the internet lines. What that means is that someone who is trying to steal your information will get access to it easily. They will not have to do anything special to access your personal and sensitive information. On the other hand, when your information is encrypted, you can consider it safe. They can’t access your information or break the code that protects it. 

  • Verification 

AInvesting has a very strict verification procedure when you sign up with it. This verification process is there for your safety. First of all, you have to know that the broker has implemented the KYC and AML policies to protect your interests and information. When you sign up, you will have to provide with proper identification information. You will have to share the pictures of your debit/credit card and whatever identification card you are using while signing up. This is there to ensure that you are not just providing the information but also own the documents that identify you. 

  • Segregation 

The funds you deposit in your trading account with the online broker have to be kept separately from the money that the broker is holding. The broker is a company that has its own accounts with the banks. Some online brokers will put your money in those same accounts, and that’s where things go bad. You never want to sign up with a broker like that. Based on the latest regulations that online brokers have to follow, your broker should maintain your money in segregated accounts. These are accounts where only the money deposited by traders is kept. That’s where your broker should keep your money. You will have peace of mind when you sign up with AInvesting because this broker will maintain your money segregated accounts for their safety. 

Regulated Broker

You cannot replace a regulated broker with an unregulated broker ever. They are two completely different types of entities. When you talk about an unregulated broker, you could be talking about someone with just a website. Even you can create a website on the internet and make it look like a website from some online broker. You can always imitate the features of the websites of the brokers when you do that. However, that does not make you a legitimate broker, and that’s where the problem starts. There are many online brokers who are not brokers at all. They are just frauds and scams that are finding ways to deprive you of your money. 

They are not regulated because they are not brokers in the first place. They don’t mean to provide you with any trading services. They are just there to defraud you and take your money from you. As soon as you provide them with the funds they require at the start of the signup, they disappear without informing. However, when you sign up with a broker like AInvesting, you know that you are going with a regulated entity. A regulated entity should offer you the much-needed peace of mind. You know that the broker you are signing up with is answerable to someone for all of its financial activities. 

You will be glad to know that AInvesting is properly regulated. Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission proudly regulates this broker. You can find all the licensing and registration details on the website of the broker. That’s something that should offer you peace of mind when you sign up with this broker. This regulatory authority makes sure that the broker is following all the regulations of the online financial world and providing you with fair and transparent services. If the broker does something wrong, the regulatory authority will take matters into its own hands. With an unregulated broker, there is no one taking care of these matters. 

Customer Service and Support

You have to admire this broker for its customer support services. There are many ways this broker is taking care of your issues and providing you with the help that you need in any case. Let’s look at the customer support services from this broker and how they are helpful for you when you sign up with it. 

  • FAQs

Now, most of the traders that sign up with an online broker face the same issues. These repeating issues allow online brokers to create a database of all the questions that traders ask and provide their answers in the FAQs section. That’s what you will find on the websites of many online brokers. When you sign up with AInvesting, you can visit the FAQs section of the broker on its website as well. The best thing about the FAQs section from this broker is that all the questions have been put in their respective categories. Searching for the information that you need is easy as a breeze when use the FAQs section from this broker. 

  • Online Live Chat Support

You might not get this option with every online broker. Online live chart support has become a popular method for traders to get in touch with their brokers. However, you will see this option being offered by only the best online brokers. So, when you sign up with AInvesting, you will notice that right when you land on the website of the broker, there is a live chat feature. There is a customer support representative that is willing to help you through this feature. You can talk to the CSR like you talk to someone on SMS or WhatsApp. This is a great feature that provides you with the needed help within seconds. 

  • Email and Phone 

Of course, these conventional methods are the most important ways to get in touch with the company that you have signed up with. When you sign up with this broker, you will know that you have many methods of getting in touch with the broker when you need help. That’s not the case with most other brokers. You will be shocked to know that there are some online brokers that will provide you with nothing more than the FAQs section, as mentioned above. With this broker, you have the phone numbers and email addresses given on the website. You can contact the customer support department of this company 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 

Trading Accounts for Traders 

There are four different types of accounts from which you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with. As soon as you look at the accounts, you will realize that there is one for you. The broker has created these accounts with advanced, basic, and professional traders in mind. Let’s discuss these accounts one by one. 

  • Standard Account

This account is for basic traders. When you are just starting out with trading, you don’t know what to do. You can’t put everything on the line at once. At the same time, you might not have a lot of money in the first place. In that case, you have to start with as little risk as possible. That’s what this Standard account is for. Signing up with the broker with this account is easy. You just have to deposit $250 in your account you will get access to all the forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, and commodities that you want to trade. 

  • Premium Account 

Its name is premium account, but even this account has been made easy and convenient for traders by the broker. You just have to deposit $1000 in this account to activate it. With this small sum, you will get access to the trading platform where you can trade hundreds of assets from dozens of financial markets. You will, however, have to keep in mind that the spreads will remain fixed for you no matter which account you sign up with. 

  • Platinum Account

Sign up with this account if you think you are beyond the basic and advanced level. Perhaps, you are a great trader but you still do not think that you are a professional. This account is just perfect for you. Again, you don’t have to deposit a lot of money in this account to activate it. Just a small deposit of $5000 is enough for you to start with this account and enjoy some great perks that are not available with the basic accounts. You will receive some great and reliable trading signals when you start a trading account with this broker. 

  • VIP Account

In this account, you will have things your way. This particular account may sound a bit expensive, but it is for traders who think they are already professionals. An amount of just $25,000 is not so much for professional traders who have been trading for many years. You will enjoy all the perks of the previous accounts with this one and some more. You will have trading signals at your disposal and all the training that you need to learn the most advanced strategies of trading. 

  • Professional Client  

Did you know you could become a professional client of this broker through its professional client feature? This is a feature that you will usually not find with most other brokers. When you sign up with one of the regular accounts, you have certain limitations that you will have to deal with. If you want freedom from those limitations, you have to go with this account. You will have to maintain a certain number of trades in every quarter to qualify for this account. You will also need your trades to be of a certain size. All of this information has been provided on the website of the broker in detail. 

An Amazing Trading Platform

You are going to love the trading platform from the broker for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons you will fall in love with the trading platform that this broker is providing you with. 

  • Available on Mobiles and Tablets

You don’t have to be trading like the people who used to trade many years ago if you are signing up with a great broker. You should be trading like modern traders. If you want to trade on your computer, you should be able to do that. If you want to trade on the go, you should be able to do that. In fact, you should not have to face any restrictions even if you want to trade on your tablet device. You will love the trading platform from this broker for this particular reason. The broker has designed its application not only for smartphones but tablets as well. With device-specific development, you get trading applications that are fast and smooth. 

  • Available in the Web 

This is yet another exciting feature that you are going to love about the trading platform from this broker. So, when you talk about a trading platform that has been designed specifically for your tablets and smartphones, you are referring to a software that you have to download first. That’ something not all traders love. Some traders want their trading experience to be seamless. At the same time, they don’t want to be dealing with multiple types of applications for their trading. They want a seamless and consistent trading experience no matter which device they are on. That’s where this web-based trading platform comes into the picture. 

You can use it on any device you want. You don’t have to worry about the operating system that you have on your devices. In fact, you can use this trading platform from anywhere in the world without the need of downloading it at all. 

  • It Allows the Trade of All the Assets 

Traditionally, you had to move to different brokers when you wanted to trade different types of assets. Today, you don’t have to do anything like that. The trading platform that you are getting from AInvesting is advanced enough to carry all the assets in one place. Whether you want to trade commodities or cryptocurrencies, you have this same trading platform that you will be using for trading. In addition to that, you will get all your trading tools, indicators, charts, and graphs on the trading platform. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you know everything about this broker. You understand that the trading platform from AInvesting is one of the best in the world. At the same time, the trading conditions provided by this broker are also very flexible and friendly for traders from around the world. If you are considering signing up with a broker who can help you with your trading career in the long-term, you should definitely consider AInvesting.

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