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Akool Smart Camera Platform is coming soon globally

United States, 10th Oct 2022, The upcoming Akool Smart Camera Cloud Platform is a benchmark for Verkada and Hikvision Cloud Platform, serving customers in Europe and the US, and can access any IP camera. The platform is simple and reliable to use and can include functional modules for vertical scenarios such as shops and factories, providing customers with additional value such as digital information, remote management and digital marketing on top of the value of security. In addition, our platform can be quickly connected to most camera brands, both installed and new, creating a camera operating system that works like Windows and Android, and is efficient in the cloud.

I. Product design.

Based on high quality optimised and convenient models and devices, the Akool Smart Camera Platform enables face and body monitoring as well as vehicle detection, while supporting users in the counting of foot traffic, real-time monitoring and identification of multiple locations. It is fully integrated with other business functions to meet the needs of a wide range of scenarios, bringing together a range of advantages such as security, reliability, stability and efficiency, affordability and multi-functionality, leading the way ahead of competing platforms.

– Vertical and fragmented scenes

Relying on its own developed AutoML platform and data platform, Akool can quickly generate solutions to problems in vertical and fragmented scenarios. These issues are often the core requirements in the respective scenarios, but are often long-tail requirements that cannot be taken seriously when placed in the context of security as a whole, such as human activity monitoring in gyms, oxygen pump monitoring in fish tanks in flower and bird markets, hazardous materials monitoring in factories, etc. With small amounts of data, solutions can be generated and deployed quickly on our cloud platform.

– Leading-edge data encryption technology

Our unique and leading-edge data encryption technology effectively encrypts data in transit, ensuring efficient transmission of user data while maintaining user privacy during data transmission.

– Easy-to-use interface

Compared to other camera software, our interface is designed to be simple and easy-to-use.In particular, to make it easier for new users to get started, we have designed the interface in a particularly streamlined mode, so that users can understand exactly how to operate it at first glance, and can start operating it for the first time with basically no learning curve.

– Smart human body and face recognition

The smart body recognition platform can achieve accurate recognition of the human body and face through intelligent cameras, and has the function of body shape comparison and analysis of the human body, which is more intelligent. In terms of face detection, the platform is able to provide a basis for face search and find target images by analyzing key features of human facial pairs, etc. Also, it is able to achieve accurate recognition of faces under limited conditions such as different angles, lighting and states. In addition, the platform is able to meet the demand for high security and easy-to-use identity authentication, with strict privacy and confidentiality mechanisms and reference to proven industry security standards, providing stable and continuous protection in various scenarios.

– Smart vehicle search monitoring

The vehicle smart search monitoring platform can be used to analyse the image information of the vehicle in a comprehensive manner so as to obtain relevant information such as the vehicle location and type of the target vehicle. Based on the user’s vehicle search and monitoring needs, the platform can achieve different scene recognition of the same vehicle, provide real-time monitoring data, improve the safety rate of vehicles and provide strong support for vehicle management.

– Multi-end and multi-platform data sharing

The cloud platform interconnects the PC and multiple mobile terminals, combined with the intelligent cloud, allowing multiple ports to run simultaneously. At the same time, it caters for a range of functions such as remote shop management by users using portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets anytime and anywhere, providing maximum support and services to enhance the user experience. In addition, the cloud platform also provides third-party API interfaces to interface the data from the camera image data to third-party platforms, such as marketing platforms, factory management platforms, employee management platforms, etc.

II. Interface.

The product interface of the Akool Cloud Platform can be configured to incorporate features for different vertical scenarios depending on the usage scenario. The platform’s web interface includes, but is not limited to, six basic functional interfaces such as Home, Event, Search, Devices, Admin and Insights, and the functional interfaces for vertical scenarios can be additionally configured.

– Home

In particular, the Home details page contains various detection functions that can meet users’ needs, including history review, movement track, human flow detection, helmet detection and traffic flow detection, which not only provide security for users, but also bring convenience to users’ travel, enabling them to enjoy a high-quality and efficient life experience.

– Event

The Event option stores a range of dynamic information from the camera’s shooting area. The user can select part of the camera’s shooting area in advance and any dynamic information that appears in the shooting area can be recorded in full in the background, forming a video clip that is stored in this page, ensuring that the user has a complete overview of all movements in the monitoring area.

– Search

In the Search option, users can search by the attributes of the query (person/event/vehicle), as well as “search by picture”. By uploading a photo of a person, the user can view the frequency and specific images of that person in the selected time period and in the set surveillance area.

– Devices

In the Devices option, users can select a target camera to connect to the mobile cloud platform. Most cameras on the market can be matched to the platform’s cloud, and once connected to the target camera, users can immediately use the camera for range monitoring, making it simple and convenient.

– Insights

The Insights option allows users to analyse the platform’s cloud-based traffic data and categorize the effective range of people by profile to help improve operations.

III. Scenarios for the use of the product.

With its own AutoML platform, Akool can quickly generate solutions for vertical scenarios and long-tail requirements for fragmented scenarios. The Akool Cloud Platform allows users to easily and quickly configure their requirements in vertical scenarios. Here are a few examples of vertical solutions for vertical scenarios.

– Gyms

The camera at the entrance can be fitted with a check in/out face recognition system, and the platform can be linked within the gym to provide a detailed analysis of the use of each piece of gym equipment to understand how the equipment is being used. It is also possible to analyse the dynamics of the members and to grasp their movements in real time in order to better schedule the gym equipment and to provide targeted guidance to the members.

– Branded shops

In branded shops, the use of intelligent monitoring systems enables real-time mastery of customer queues in-store, the first scientific and rational deployment of customer flow and improved customer satisfaction. In addition, it also enables dynamic analysis of repeat customers to improve the conversion rate of effective customers, enhance customer experience and boost sales.

– Smart factory

The installation of an intelligent monitoring system in a factory can monitor the factory’s production and understand the use of each individual device. In addition, it can also continuously monitor the production situation of the workers, and promptly find out the problems in the use of equipment, safety hazards, improper operation and fatigue work of the workers, etc., effectively guaranteeing the safe production of the factory and improving the productivity of the factory.

The platform is coming soon, and your attention is invited…


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