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Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is not allowed to start test flights for the 737 Max – economy

For the aircraft manufacturer, the is one of several hurdles that need to be taken to end the over a year of starting to ban these machines. The guy was pulled after two crashes with a total of 346 deaths in March 2019 from the traffic.

After more than a year of the start of prohibition for the Mittelstreckenjet Boeing 737 Max, the aircraft manufacturer test flights can start. The US aviation authority FAA announced on Sunday the green light for the Start of the corresponding flights with test pilots. Up to a re-authorisation of the model for the air traffic are, however, further hurdles to. Boeing customers have been called according to the news Agency Bloomberg, the September as the earliest date for re-commissioning of the model. The Boeing 737 Max is the less fuel consumption trimmed reissue of the since the 1960s, built of medium-range jets 737.

After two crashes, with a total of 346 of the dead regulators all over the world in March of 2019 had a prohibition of a start for the 737 Max to be imposed. In addition, Boeing is not allowed to deliver new machines in the series since then. In the centre of the crisis, for the 737 Max advanced control program, MCAS, has played according to the investigation reports, a critical role in the crash is. Required improvements to the control system took.

Boeing is suspected, the accident pilot’s rushed to the market and to have the security of being neglected. The group rejects this, but it has given error and breakdowns. The damage to Boeing summed up already on a two-digit billion amount, and brought the manufacturer in a hitherto unknown crisis. Then, the Corona-made pandemic, the global aviation slump. Since then, Airlines can use all over the world additional aircraft hardly.

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