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Aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to delete 15 000 jobs in the economy

The European company is responding to the slump in demand due to the worldwide slump in air traffic. Especially the German sites meet the cuts.

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to emphasise in the light of the Corona-crisis until the summer of 2021 15 000 jobs. Airbus announced on Tuesday evening that it was necessary to ensure the company’s future. Initially, the company had informed the works councils on a multi-hour session. Operations-related redundancies cannot be ruled out, according to CEO Guillaume Faury currently, he would resort to all possible measures, including early retirement, voluntary departures and part-time.

Airbus is like the entire Rest of the industry is in crisis mode, according to Faury “the worst crisis experienced by this industry has ever. The measures we have taken so far have enabled us, the initial shock of the pandemic to intercept.” Now it is a matter, as a healthy business to emerge from the crisis and at the same time, the “overwhelming challenges” of our customers.

5100 in Germany are affected

Airbus employs about 134 000 employees worldwide, around 50 000 of them in Germany. The plans will see the deletion of approximately 5100 locations in Germany, 5000 in France, in 1700, in England, 900 in Spain and 1300 in other locations around the world. In Germany, the 900 jobs at the Augsburg-based supplier Premium Aerotec will be added, however, this was before the Covid-19-crisis for other reasons is planned.

In April, the company had announced to reduce production by an average of about a third. As measured by the previously planned growth starting in 2021, for which the preparations were long, the reduction even amounts to around 40 percent. Airbus CEO Faury is confident that the flight traffic will return for at least 2023, in some segments, but also later on, to the old level by 2019.

The production rate for the Short-and medium-haul aircraft, the A320neo series will remain until at least the end of 2021 at 40 aircraft per month. By the end of 2019-produced Airbus 60 units per month and wanted to increase in 2021, actually, to 63, and in the following years, up to 67 machines. But even the 40 are still significantly more than the customer remove currently are ready. In may, Airbus delivered only 18 of the Jets in the series.

The production of the A380 is all set

The group is aware of in purchase to produce for a while a part of the machine to the stockpile, because the ramp-up of extremely low level in the own factories, much more difficult, but mainly because of the concern of key suppliers with lower production rates to drift into insolvency.

Also in the long-haul aircraft, Airbus has reduced the cadences. Instead, between nine and ten A350, the manufacturer is now only six per month, added to about two A330/A330neo, which he delivered earlier, between three and four per month.

The production of the A380 is all set, the last machines are to be delivered in 2021 at the Emirates. CEO Faury is confident that the long-distance market will take much longer for the recovery. Even before the Covid-19-pandemic, the demand for large machines has been weak.

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