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HomeBusinessAgreement signed: VW to compensate victims of the military dictatorship in Brazil

Agreement signed: VW to compensate victims of the military dictatorship in Brazil

Agreement signed
VW to compensate victims of the military dictatorship in Brazil

Employees of Volkswagen do Brasil, a branch of Volkswagen, will produce a model Sedan (beetle) in a factory in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Photo: VW do Brasil/dpa

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During the Brazilian military dictatorship, Volkswagen delivered employees to the state. The research of historians. The group is now paying a million in compensation to the victims.

Volkswagen compensated the victims of the previous military regime in Brazil. According to its own information the group signed with different public Prosecutor’s offices after a long preparation, a corresponding agreement.

Accordingly, former VW employees, who have suffered during the dictatorship from 1964 to 1985, human rights violations are to receive, compensation. In a study the group had been accused of, among other things, reprisals against the opposition in the Brazilian factories.

According to the national subsidiary, Volkswagen do Brasil, the Union gets a former employee of 16.8 million Reais, equivalent to about 2.6 million euros. Overall, the agreement amounts to a 36 million Reais (about EUR 5.6 million). Out of the total projects for the reappraisal of the past and a reminder of people to be promoted rights violations in Brazil. The group’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, confirmed the agreement.

“We regret the injuries that have happened in the past, sincere”, is Hiltrud Werner, in the VW Board of management responsible for integrity and legal cites. “For Volkswagen AG, it is important to be responsible with this dark Chapter in the history of Brazil and to promote transparency.”

A study of the historian Christopher Kopper, University of Bielefeld showed that the VW plant in supervised protection at the Brazilian locations of opposition activities of employees and so also the arrest of at least seven employees, as well as the ill-treatment of employees easier. There was also “black lists” of colleagues. The group had given the analysis in order to on the then-victim approach.

2015 had been refunded to Victims in Brazil a complaint against VW. One of the then-President Dilma Rousseff appointed Commission saw clear indications of collaboration with the Regime.

VW is represented since 1953 and the fifth largest country in the world. “The correspondence with the Board of management in Wolfsburg, Germany, shows up in 1979, is a full endorsement of the military government”, was Kopper. Volkswagen wanted to ensure, therefore, a good market environment. The wolf Burger stressed that they had now processed as the first foreign company to own past during the military dictatorship in Brazil, transparent.

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