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Aging societies: The Japanese city of Yubari. Economy

Yubari was once a proud metropolis that lived from the mining of coal. Then they went broke and became a Symbol of the decline of a society in demographic change. Today, a melon is the Star.


Thomas Hahn, Yubari

Earlier the snow of Yubari grey. “Almost black,” says Hideichi Abe. He remembers. In the seventies, when he was still a proud Coal miners of the Hokutan Mine Shinko in the district of Shimizusawa, it was always that we should invite guests from outside only in the evening and make sure they drive before dawn, return home. Because in the winter nights, the Japanese coal town of Yubari was nice. The ordinary houses, the lights, the smoke, Chimneys, and around the snow-covered mountain forest in the blue glow of the darkness. But in the Morning the beauty was gone. “As you have seen, then, that the snow was gray.” Hideichi Abe laughs. Noriko, his wife, laughs also. Wonderful memories of the Golden age in the soot.

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