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After VAT reduction: rail travel is more expensive

After VAT Reduction
Rail travel is more expensive

A ticket machine of the Deutsche Bahn is in Wiesbaden (Hesse). Travelling by train is again more expensive. Photo: picture alliance / dpa

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Since the Corona as many people to go by train. The Federal government helps with billion. Now the tickets are more expensive. And are still cheaper than in the past.

Back to old habits: After a exception in the last autumn, the railway prices rise in this October – as it was usual.

After the strong price reduction at the beginning of the year, customers is now back to normal again: the end of The year, there is a slight increase. On average, one percent more passengers from the 13. December for long-distance transport tickets to spend, as the train announced.

Are affected mainly commuters and customers, the flexibility you want: tickets to the so-called Flex-price will be more expensive by an average of 1.5 percent, for a range of time cards and the Bahn card 100 of the premium in average is 1.9 percent.

A Flex card price from Hamburg to Frankfurt in the second class of the ICE, for example, costs 114,60 EUR, € 1.70 more. From Munich to Berlin, there are 137 euros, 2 euros more.

Those who are against it early on a train, can save: The so-called Super-saver prices from 17,50 Euro and the saving rates from 21,10 Euro will not change. The bahncards 25 and 50, not more expensive.

Passenger representatives reacted reserved. Economically it is understandable that the prices are on the rise, said Karl-Peter Naumann, honorary Chairman of the passenger Association, Pro Bahn. The salaries in the railway increased, the revenues were broken. “But it does not fit in the time, if you want to drive to win guests back,” said Naumann. From the Corona-the shock of the passenger figures have still not recovered.

Sharper the Federation of German consumer organisations responded: “The ticket price increases of the track are outrageous.” The companies receive billions from the state. “Also for reasons of climate protection, rail needs to become more attractive, not more expensive.” The railroad stressed that they invest a billion in new Intercity and ICE-trains. For passengers, the seat increased interior space and comfort.

Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch called on the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the increase in price to prevent. It is hard to justify. “The Service lags behind, in many cases, the quality is below expectations.”

Actually is to travel by train just cheaper than in the past few years. In January prices decreased in the long-distance transport by ten percent. The Federal government had reduced the VAT, so that more people are travelling by train, to rise instead of in the car or plane. The ride is the one to beat-to-one on prices.

In July, the next reduction of 1.9 per cent. Again, the Federal government foregoes taxes, this Time, in the Corona-crisis boost the economy; this discount is only valid until the end of the year. There are also discount campaigns, as it is now for the bahncard 25.

At the same time, the Federal entity receives a lot of money from the state. In the climate package were a year says a billion additional equity. The Corona cope with the crisis, should receive this year another five billion. The Federal court expects, however, that the damage will not be as large probably.

The Green-rail politician Matthias Gastel claimed that the railway should not be overcompensated. He misses transparency. “Neither the exact failures of the DB are known requirements for the use of the auxiliary have made payments.”

Transparent the price is, but a step for the customer: Who wants to go next year to the old prices, must be up to 12. December book. This is also true in the regional traffic. On Monday, the railway and other providers have announced that the prices will rise there by an average of 1.5 percent. This concerns only one-fifth of travel – namely, the ally outside of traffic, make your own prices. There are but part of something greater premiums.

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