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After the detection of three cases of coronavirus, activated the protocol in a police station of La Plata

The health authorities of the Province of Buenos Aires and The Silver activated this Thursday night the appropriate protocol for cases of coronavirus in the police Station 9th of this city, then that is confirmed the presence of three infected.

In agreement with what was reported by the local media, the infected until the time you are a police officer and two inmates who are housed in this unit.

The staff of health of buenos aires he arrived after 22:00 to this branch, is located between the streets 5 and 59, to disinfect the area and conduct testing on remand, both to the rest of the men in uniform who work there as to the prisoners who are currently detained in this building.

The samples that were taken during this operation, which counted with the support of the SAME, were brought to the Faculty of Exact Sciences to be analyzed and the results are expected to be available in the next few hours.

“Together with the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, we activated the sanitary protocol in the police Station Ninth after it was confirmed three positive cases of coronavirus. We did medical checks and swabs to the police personnel and detainees”said the local mayor, Julio Garroin his official Twitter account.

According to published the newspaper The Day, one of the inmates infected with COVID-19 was interned in the Hospital of San Juan de God, in the center The Silver, while the other was referred to a nearby health center. In the meantime, the security agent would have had close contact with both.

For its part, the Government secretary of the Municipality of the Silver, Marcelo Leguizamónsaid that “since the confirmation of cases” the municipal authorities to maintain contact with the Headquarters Division of The Silver and with the Health Region XI, dependent of the gobernación of buenos aires.

“We had this procedure for purposes of carrying out a temperature control and swabs appropriate to detect possible cases of coronavirus,” said the officer of buenos aires to the press.

In the meantime, the secretary of community Health, Enrique Rifourcathe added that “the testing will be performed on both the police personnel and detainees to rule out or detect” new infected. In addition, it confirmed that “in the place to maintain the sanitary protocol in these situations.”

As stated by the last official part, this Thursday, we reported 24 cases of COVID-19 in The Silver. In total there are 284 people living in the capital of buenos aires, of which 173 are active and in observation, 98 already received the medical discharge, and 13 died. There are also 303 suspected cases that remain in the study and 3.061 were discarded.

On the other hand, the Municipality of La Plata reported that in the last time checks were conducted to 10.546 neighbors in different popular neighborhoods of the city, in the framework of a preventive strategy that aims to detect early, possible cases of coronavirus.

“The actions are taken forward as part of the prevention plan that is intended to actively seek out suspected cases of COVID-19 in the popular neighborhoods of the city”, detailed sources of the commune.

The operating allowed to detect six suspicious cases of people who had a temperature or had no sense of smell, who used the data to make a follow-up from the SAME Silver.

With respect to the controls, the secretary Rifourcat, explained that “once contained the personal data of the neighbor in a health record, we proceed to take the body temperature to determine if the values are considered normal or whether they represent a symptom of alert”.

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