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HomeNewsAfter more than five months in detention, Ronaldinho was released in Paraguay

After more than five months in detention, Ronaldinho was released in Paraguay

Ronaldinho and his brother had been arrested in march (EFE)
Ronaldinho and his brother had been arrested in march (EFE)

The brazilian star Ronaldinho Gaúcho he was eventually released, after having presented to Gustavo Amarilla, judge of the cause which he investigated for having entered Paraguay with false documentation. The former footballer had been arrested in march of this year and since then had been imprisoned, first in a detention centre and then at a hotel in Asuncion. The magistrate decided to give the right of freedom to him and his brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, who now will travel to Rio de Janeiro.

The Prosecution had highlighted in his writing that Ronaldinho has not participated in the plan of manufacture of the passport and identity card paraguayans of false content that they were seized. Of his brother, had said that “do not arise indicators that have personal traits or conduct criminal in an area of freedom regulated to endanger the society.”

In this way, Dinhochampion with World cup 2002, it was benefited by the “conditional suspension of the procedure”. In addition, agreed to pay $ 90,000 in cash as a repair of the social injury caused by his conduct. The money will go to the National University of Asunción, at the Hospital and to the charity campaign “We are All Bianca”, an initiative that seeks to help a young girl suffering from spinal muscular atrophy and need to buy a special medication to save his life.

For this to hold, the former footballer is obliged to inform their tax address and your personal phone number during a year, although you have every right to change it if you want, as long as you notify the Justice. In turn, the magistrate judge made clear that you are free to travel to any part of the world that you want, and will no longer be required to appear for this cause.

In contrast, to his brother Roberto, the judge is allowed to suspend the sentence to the test. “The Justice of paraguay condemns you to two years for the use of these false documents, but you will also benefit from the suspension of this sentence to the test”, explained Yellow. Between the terms are highlighted to maintain the actual residence address, and telephone number, in order not to lose connectivity. In turn, ordered the payment of $ 110,000 that will be used for the purchase of equipment for the fight against the Covid-19 and the obligation to appear every four months for the space of two years at the court of its jurisdiction in Brazil.

These amounts will be deducted from the security deposit of $ 1.6 million they had deposited in order to obtain the prison home. The remainder will be returned.

Ronaldinho and his brother in the hearing this Monday
Ronaldinho and his brother in the hearing this Monday

Both were called before the dispatch to the hearing in which the judge took into account the indictment for the conclusion of four prosecutors who asked for an “exit procedure” to avoid the oral proceedings. The former footballer and his brother had been arrested on march 6, two days after arriving at the air terminal where exhibited to the authorities of migration passports paraguayan real, but is of false content.

Currently, they were on home confinement in a four-star hotel of Asunción, from the 6 of April of this year, after being detained a month at the headquarters of the Police Special Operations.

The brothers De Assis Moreira had entered Paraguay on the 4th of march of this year to develop an agenda related to the promotion of poor children. The idol of Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan had scheduled the opening of the casino of an entrepreneur in brazil and to launch a book of memoirs, a program that was cancelled with their catch.

The statement of lawyers of Ronaldinho and Roberto after the release of both (@OsvaldoCaceres)
The statement of lawyers of Ronaldinho and Roberto after the release of both (@OsvaldoCaceres)

Now, Ronaldinho and Roberto will travel on a private flight as soon as possible to your city of residence, Rio de Janeiro, just get the appropriate permissions, to dismiss the chapter most scandalous of their lives.


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