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After building the popular app Ongrocery, Tech Entrepreneur Sultan Moni now wants to build a fintech product for emerging markets

Sultan Moni built his first tech company in 2013 from the dorm room of his Ontario high school with an investment of $200 USD. A decade later, Moni now boasts an estimated net worth of over $15 Million USD at the time of writing this article.

By 2018, within five years of starting his first company, Moni has impressively expanded his business to include three more technology products, published a book and became an advocate for homelessness in Peterborough, Ontario. This young self-made CEO was recognized with the prestigious Top 75 Canadian Immigrant award in 2018 for his entrepreneurship effort and impact in the community. Previous recipients of this award include A Federal Minister, Celebrities, and other community champions.


Moni, widely recognized for creating ongrocery and Zatiq has recently moved to Bangladesh. “It is an exciting time to build a tech company in Bangladesh right now, it is a country of 120 million people and a rapidly growing digital economy” says Moni.


Prior to moving to Bangladesh, Moni has disrupted the grocery delivery market in Ontario by offering in-store priced grocery items delivered for less than a dollar. Moni grew the company to cover over 20 cities within the first 12 months making ongrocery one of the fastest growing companies of 2021.


“I moved to Bangladesh to connect with my roots and to help achieve the vision of a cashless society. The success of Digital Bangladesh campaign has created remarkable new opportunities in Bangladesh.” says Moni.


While it is still not clear what this entrepreneur is building next, Moni has hinted a fintech product.

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