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ActiveBrokerz Review – Trade Online Safely and Securely

Trading online might be stress-free and very lucrative. It gives you the room to explore various trading options since you might be doing this from your home’s comfort. Recent reports show that there has been a massive growth in the amount of trading carried out in the financial markets. The blockchain industry, in general, has witnessed a surge in investors and traders in recent years. While trading in the financial market, there is a need to maintain focus and ensure that you utilize the best trading strategy to achieve your desired goal as an asset trader.

The type of assets you are trading and the exchange company you are using as a trading channel, play a vital role in determining your result as a trader. There are several financial instruments available out there in the market. Each of these instruments has a unique set of identification and trading strategy. They may also come with different risk levels, which might be utilized through the help of a trusted broker. One particular broker that has shown prominence in recent years is the ActiveBrokerz.com platform.

ActiveBrokerz.com is an investment platform that claims to offer traders several outstanding features and exceptional tools to enable them to optimize their trades and increase investment returns. However, since there are several fake and scam brokers out there in the financial market, you must find out if a broker is trustworthy. Remember, we said that the key to becoming successful as a trader in the financial market is finding a trusted and reliable broker. 

We shall review the ActiveBrokerz.com platform to ascertain if it is legit and determine if what they claim to offer is what they are offering. Our review of this broker is based on user feedback, personal experiences, expert analysis, and popular choice from industry experts.  But before we review the features of this trading platform, we should find out what ActiveBrokerz.com is all about

An Overview of the ActiveBrokerz.com platform

ActiveBrokerz is an investment platform that offers traders the opportunity to access the financial market and the blockchain industry to carry out trading. ActiveBrokerz.com was created to provide solutions to trading challenges that may have existed when trading with other trading platforms. Although the broker may be a new entrant in the financial market, it has proved to be a displacement force ready to compete with other brokers and take their place. Traders using ActiveBrokerz.com may be able to trade on several financial instruments simultaneously.

You may be able to trade on stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, and many other assets. Using this broker gives you access to several benefits, including a 24-hour customer support service. You may get to use outstanding trading and analytical tools to help you decide n the most effective trading strategy to use at a particular event. The broker’s information center houses a library of information where you can stay updated with the latest trends. You may also get to choose among the three different trading accounts available to traders on the platform. The broker is also said to operate using an NDD execution type of model. You may also have access to several ranges of spreads and leverage to help boost your investment returns. With the broker’s outstanding analytical and assessing tools, you may be on your way to gaining and sustaining a positive financial status.

Having seen an overview of what the ActiveBrokerz.com platform is all about, let us now take a detailed assessment of each of these features to verify their claims and advise potential traders on the best trading decision to make regarding finding a trusted broker. 

ActiveBrokerz.com comes with several unique tools. 

Trading tools are the live wire when using any trading platform. It allows you to optimize your trade and increase your potential of increasing your investment returns. With the right trading tools, you may be able to identify and predict a favorable trading window, which is the key to trading. ActiveBrokerz.com may offer you a plethora of trading tools that may give you a great opportunity to make money while trading in the financial market. Other tools may help you identify risk factors and assist you in avoiding or mitigating these risks. Some examples of the high-end and efficient trading tools available to traders on the platform include

  • Educational center

Access to information may be a determinant for you to succeed as a trader in the financial market. If you are not guided to take the right steps, up, you may end up missing your way. The broker understands this fact and may have put measures to ensure that traders stay updated with happenings in the financial market. The ActiveBrokerz.com educational center may serve as a training ground for inexperienced traders to enable them to learn about how the market functions and how they can effectively utilize the tools and features available on the platform.

You may find a collection of ActiveBrokerz.com videos, tutorial materials, and other educational resources to improve and expand your knowledge in the financial market. You may learn how to analyze trading data, read charts, and carry out several other tasks. The ActiveBrokerz.com library’s information is divided into different sections to give you a progressive knowledge as you experience a seamless trading process. 

  • Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is another viable tool made available by the broker when trading on the ActiveBrokerz.com platform. With the economic calendar, you may be able to follow the market trends and their impact on different financial instruments. Financial experts make use of the economic calendar in forecasting the outcome of trades. 

The peak and lowest performance of each tradable asset are recorded along with accurate dates to predict what may happen in the future. The economic calendar also serves as an avenue to identify those incoming economic activities that had both positive and negative impacts on the prices of different financial instruments in the past. Identifying these activities may help traders know what moves to take as regards buying or selling their assets.

You may also avoid panic buying or distress sales caused by rumors of an impending crash or rise in the prices of assets in the financial market if you can understand how the economic calendar works. The economic calendar may also contain a section to view the earnings report of different companies. It allows you to identify those companies that have announced their earnings either annually or quarterly. With such reports, you may know which company stocks may be performing well before making your purchase.

A platform with a variety of trading instruments

Trading on the ActiveBrokerz platform may allow you to trade on several financial instruments. It gives you room to diversify your trade and thus enhances your potential to turn out favorable trading sessions. ActiveBrokerz.com opens the door for you to trade on CFDs of different assets, including indices, commodities, stocks, precious metals, forex, cryptocurrencies, and several other financial assets. 

Unlike some other brokers that are asset-specific, ActiveBrokerz.com understands the benefits of diversification. It gives you room to increase your revenue and mitigate the risk of investing in a particular asset irrespective of the asset performance.

The ActiveBrokerz.com customer service

The customer support service of the ActiveBrokerz.com platform may offer you outstanding services when it comes to resolving complaints and other technical issues. The broker ensures that the company’s support staff is well trained and knowledgeable to respond to the client’s complaints. You may contact the ActiveBrokerz.com customer support via several channels, including emails and calls. However, you may only reach them between 8 am and 11 pm GMT on business days. 

ActiveBrokerz.com and the Meta Trader environment

The Meta Trader4 trading platform is arguably the most powerful and sophisticated in the financial market. Most brokers have a partnership with Meta Trader4 to provide their clients with an intuitive, simplified, and highly efficient trading platform. Other aspects that make the MetaTrader4 trading platform to stand out are the trading tools and unique features which may allow traders to monitor their progress report. 

The platform offers traders the opportunity to trade on several financial instruments while studying live charts using different styles and time frames. You may also be able to access the platform using a desktop browser, or via the application on your smartphone. Traders using smartphones with ios or android operating system may be able to download the application directly from their respective app stores. Trading with the mobile version may allow you to trade while you are in transit at any point in time.

Common features with Meta Trader4 include a friendly and intuitive interface that is secure and transparent, selecting a time frame from a year to 60sec, several technical indicators, and automated trading features. Other features include price alert and email notifications, synchronization using different devices, and Meta Editor to create your customized EAs & scripts.

Is ActiveBrokerz.com a legit trading platform?

Being under the watchful eyes of reputable regulatory agencies has added to the broker’s credibility of being a legit trading platform. If you had hitherto had doubts about the legitimacy of the ActiveBrokerz.com platform, then you may want to rethink because, aside from the fact that the broker’s financial activities are regularly scrutinized, it is also bounded by legal laws and financial, operational standards. 

The different account types available on ActiveBrokerz.com

Three different trading accounts are available to traders on the ActiveBrokerz.com platform. These accounts are designed to meet the specific needs of each trader. You may choose to open any of the ActiveBrokerz.com accounts, depending on your level of experience and the capital you are willing to invest in your trade. The three ActiveBrokerz accounts include the following:

  • Beginner account

The beginner ActiveBrokerz.com account is designed for inexperienced traders. It requires traders to deposit $250 as the minimum capital for investment. Opening a beginner ActiveBrokerz.com account gives you access to various assets, which means that you may have more potential to increase your revenue. 

Traders operating this account may have access to online webinars and other educational resources to maximize their trading potentials. Beginners’ ActiveBrokerz.com account gives you access to the exchange highly dependable customer support team, which you can contact when you have queries, complaints, or technical challenges.

  • Advance account

The ActiveBrokerz.com advance account is the second account type available to traders on the ActiveBrokerz.com platform. It is suitable for those individuals who may have a fair knowledge about trading in the financial market. Advance ActiveBrokerz.com account holders also have access to different financial instruments. $5000 is the minimum deposit for advance account holders on the ActiveBrokerz.com platform. 

By registering with an advanced account, traders may enjoy more benefits than what they would get with the beginner account. Among the other outstanding benefits include access to an account manager who is available to provide you with the expertise you need in achieving your trading objectives. For the first three months of your trading journey, your access to expert analysts on the platform might be free. You might also enjoy the benefits of the platform’s educational resource, which includes webinars, video tutorials, eBooks, etc. with these materials available to you, you can acquaint yourself with the necessary tools needed to excel as a trader in the financial market.

  • Expert account

The expert account is the highest ActiveBrokerz.com account available to traders. It may be suitable for professional traders because of the advanced features and the higher investment capital that comes with it. This account type may also access all the tradable assets available on the platform. The minimum amount that expert ActiveBrokerz.com account holders can make is $20,000. The expert account is suitable for experts in the aspect of trading different financial instruments in the blockchain industry. 

Expert account holders are high-risk takers, and as such, they are provided with the much-required assistance to limit the risk of losing their investment. These sets of traders have access to personal live sessions with a senior analyst on the platform. They are given several trading tools and performance indicator strategies to help them monitor their trades. They also have unrestricted access to educational materials, journals, tutorial videos, webinars, eBooks, etc. to crown up the plethora of unique features available to these sets of traders. They are given personal account managers. These managers have to provide expert advertisements so that they may perform effectively as traders on the platform.

A secure trading platform

The issue of security on any online trading platform is one that has to be treated with all forms of urgency. The activities of fraudsters, scammers, hackers, and other cybercrime perpetrators in the financial market are reported to be on the increase. To mitigate and curb such activities, the broker has initiated several innovative and highly secure strategies. The first is to know your customer initiative used to ensure that users carry out proper verification of their accounts before they may be given full access to all the features in the platform. Withdrawals may be prevented from taken place until the account is verified to be yours. 

Anti-money laundering policies are also put in place to checkmate fraudsters involved in money laundering activities. Other security initiatives carried out by the broker involves the use of an advanced data encryption tool to protect user-information from getting into the hands of unauthorized persons. The broker also utilizes the SSL feature to ensure that its website is secure and inaccessible by bots or hackers. 

The broker has also implemented the smart contract feature as part of its ways to protect clients’ funds and to prevent the broker from accessing them in case of bankruptcy. The stop loss feature is one that is readily available to traders on this trading platform. Its main aim is to prevent traders from losing their entire investment when the trading table turns against them.

Demo Trading

The demo trading feature is one that sets the ActiveBrokerz.com platform apart from others. It is designed to help those with little or no experience in the trading world learn the basic skill and survival tactics needed to survive in this highly competitive industry. It allows traders to carry out their trades without risking their investments. The demo trading feature uses a simulated environment to depict how trading is carried out in the real world. However, you can switch to the live trading feature when you are convinced that you have at least the basic knowledge of trading in the financial market.

Final Thoughts

The ActiveBrokerz.com platform may be new in the industry, but its outstanding features and unique tools are becoming more popular. The broker has put several measures to ensure that traders get a reliable and dependable trading platform to optimize their trade. The availability of the Meta Trader4 platform gives this broker an edge over several others. Traders may have access to a library of educational resources to understand the art of trading. Other unique tools such as economic calendar and the demo trading feature ensure that traders mitigate trading risk by predicting a favorable trading window and learning to trade without risking their investment.

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