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Action for damages: Norwegian cancelled 97 Boeing aircraft

It’s a total of 97 machines, 92 Krisenjets of the type 737 Max and five long-range aircraft, the brand’s 787 “Dreamliner”, as Norwegian has announced. The aircraft are according to the list of 10.6 billion dollars (9.4 billion Euro) prices total value.

However, orders, significant discounts are common. Norwegian said, due in March, 2019, in the Wake of two crashes imposed flight bans for Boeing’s 737 Max to have suffered material losses. Boeing may not deliver the machines since then to customers. Talks with Boeing have resulted in an agreement with reasonable compensation, so Norwegian. Would add also the problems with the 787-machines, which would have led to work non-scheduled maintenance. Norwegian wants to sue for the damages incurred and advance payments now on the courts.

Boeing did not comment on the announcement. Actually, the ailing Airbus-rival on Monday finally had time reason to be happy. On the Boeing Field in Seattle, the first of a number of critical 737-Max-certification flights took place successfully, which should lead to a re-approval of the Krisenjets by the US-FAA FAA. Boeing reached a major milestone, which led to win in the stock market to massive price. However, for re-certification still a few more hurdles.

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