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a small firm that behaves better than the large

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One of the sectors hardest hit during the last months in Spain has been, without a doubt, the banking. However, it seems that in recent days, the situation is improving for major companies, including Bankinter.

In fact, despite not being one of the most important of the sector in Spainthe entity has behaved during the past June, better than others such as Santander or BBVA, has managed to overcome to Bankia in terms of levels of capitalization and maintains good levels of liquidity. In fact, their analysts believe that finally the year 2020 will not be as negative for Bankinter, as it will not be a change of cycle.

José Antonio González, professor of the Course of Operational to Investing in the Stock market, explains that currently Bankinter is holding back the strong gains to the height of reference levels located around the 4,935/4,892 euros per share. It is located in a context of overbought that, for the moment, does not alter the rebound bullish from the current minimum.

Stock market performance of Bankinter.

Stock market performance of Bankinter.

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Bankinter in daily chart with amplitude range means in percentage (center window upper), MACD (window bottom center) and trading volume (lower window).

The rebound would not begin to be called into question it is not until you punch the levels located in the 4,017/3,98 euros by title, area, in addition, it works as an approximation to its moving average of the medium-term. For these reasons, Bankinter is revealed as a good option within the Spanish banking sector.

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