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A Fateful Tie: Bitcoin and The Year of the Green Dragon?

Many people are excited about Samson Mow’s latest predictions that Bitcoin (BTC) is linked to the lucky Chinese zodiac sign of the Green Dragon for the new year.

Mow, known for being optimistic about Bitcoin, emphasized that the coming together of Bitcoin and the Year of the Green Dragon could cause what he calls the “Omega Candle” event in the cryptocurrency markets.

Regarding Chinese society, 2024, or the “Year of the Green Dragon,” means wealth and comfort. Mow suggests that this is a good sign for BTC and shows how it could be used to help families pass on their wealth.

Bitcoin’s Potential with ETFs and the Nine Fortunes Era

Mow wonders if adding Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) could send the digital currency into a 20-year bull market like gold ETFs have done by looking at how markets have behaved in the past.

The crypto analyst also talks about the Nine Fortunes time, beginning in 2024 and ending in 2043. These times are known for being strong and wealthy, especially in science and making energy. 

He foresees BTC will experience a surge in growth period because it uses cutting-edge technology and can make significant changes.

Some people don’t believe in Chinese sign predictions, but Mow emphasized that billions of people do, which could affect how the market feels. Buying and selling Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong will soon be possible, but Mow is still very optimistic about BTC’s future.

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