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A bit of mood in the car industry brightened: a little better, but not good

The view on the possible purchase of premiums and an associated demand thrust has not been able to save the mood in the German car industry so far.

Although they improved a bit, such as the Ifo-Institute has determined, remains in the end but not bad. Especially the current business situation, evaluate the companies very negatively. Also, the expectations for the coming months remain, despite the improvement in the Minus. “In the dark basement, the industry goes up some stairs, but still no light”, said the head of the Ifo surveys, Klaus Wohlrabe. Also staff reduction is more likely.

In Berlin, the tips of the black-and-discussed-and-red coalition on Wednesday over a multibillion-dollar economic stimulus package, you want to put the Corona-crisis. Purchase premiums for cars are considered to be particularly controversial point. The manufacturer and also the so-called car of the countries Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and lower Saxony want to premiums for internal combustion engines, the SPD-top-of-the rejects the.

The rewards, however, are controversial. The “economy” Monika Schnitzer holds for little effect. The so-called scrappage scheme in the 2009 financial crisis had cost five billion euros, after studies had shown, that they had been expensive and ineffective, said Schnitzer, Bavarian broadcasting. “The money has bought foreign cars, and it purchases have been brought forward. The net effect for the German automotive industry was so very low.”

In particular, they warned, to pay premiums also for Diesel and gasoline. The prevent the structural change, the automotive industry had to make, she said. “It would be a lot more useful, for example, charging stations or the construction of a filling station network for hydrogen.”

The industry’s own assessment of the demand situation, according to the Ifo survey continue to extremely bad. The corresponding indicator rose by almost 30 points, but with minus 78,7 still a smidge worse than at the height of the financial crisis in late 2008.

Among consumers so some how everyday life is according to a recent study, however, is gradually recovering. Worry about the health, the workplace, or the financial Situation reduces, – stated in the published on Wednesday the results of a survey conducted by the consulting company Deloitte in 13 countries. In Germany, only one-third of the nearly 950 were respondents to the survey, major purchases such as a car purchase to move for safety’s sake. In the same survey a month ago that said 46 percent.

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