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9500 Jobs will be eliminated: dispute over job cuts escalated for YOU

9500 Jobs will be eliminated,
Dispute over job cuts escalated for YOU

The truck farmer YOU belong to the VW Truck subsidiary, Traton. Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa

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YOU want to earn money in the future, with networked electric trucks. The radical transformation of every fourth point is to fall victim to. How quickly layoffs could come, driving the workers to the barricades.

The last car manufacturer TO escalated degradation of the dispute over the planned job. The company intends to terminate according to the works Council, which is actually up to the year 2030, current location and employment security for the next Wednesday.

Works Council chief Saki Stimoniaris said at a meeting in Munich, the “bottom drawer”. Constructive conversations about the announced restructuring of the group, it could “give only if redundancies remain excluded,” he said. “If the Board says there are no taboos, then all options are on the table for us as a staff.”

The VW group-owned Truck and bus manufacturers profit has long been moderately profitable. He needs to invest because of the requirements of the EU now firmly in the electrification and digitalization, and plans to 9500 of around 36,000 jobs will be cut. The works of Steyr, Plauen and Wittlich stand in front of the From. In Nuremberg, where IT is expanding its diesel engines, has called on the IG Metall on Thursday to a protest rally with the mayor of Marcus king (CSU).

A MAN spokesman said, the location and employment protection is currently being negotiated. The works Council member Karina Schnur, Secretary General of co-determination at MAN Truck & Bus SE, said, in the case of a termination of the current agreements could terminate employees as early as next year – the first for the 1. January.

VW group works Council chief Bernd Osterloh said, nothing will be eaten so hot as it’ll cooked. YOU should actually have to reduce jobs, would have to be considered alternative employment opportunities in the group. Stimoniaris said, the existence of thousands of employees standing on the game. Many colleagues were disappointed and angry.

The VW truck holding Traton wants to take the Brand to members of the management Board of MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus stronger commitment to achieve your profitability targets. You get more responsibility, said the new Traton-in-chief Matthias Gründler on Wednesday at the annual General meeting in Munich. He leads the group since July. IT is “today is not where it could be. To do this, is a restructuring of the company was inevitable,” said Gründler. With the works Council, he would arrange as soon as possible a fundamental reorientation of MAN.

In the development of new technologies need to focus on the brands stronger, to be faster and more efficient. What brand of which competence is the most effective build, will just checked. “All of the current development projects will be asking in the next few months and re-prioritized,” said Gründler. In addition, the purchases would have to be bundled up better, “here we still have air to the top”. Also, Scania plans, 5000 jobs will be cut.

Has been done in the first half-year EUR 387 million operating loss, the Traton group, a total of 220 million. The industry climate was “a sustained recovery is still far,” said Gründler.

Traton hold still to its goal of, by 2025, one billion euros in the electrification of trucks and to invest in buses. “From now on, Scania each year brings more electric vehicles on the market. Also for construction Truck and the long haul.” TO build a medium-heavy E-Trucks in a small series.

The planned Acquisition of the US truck manufacturer, Navistar truck, it was at the annual General meeting, no news. Traton had increased its offer in mid-September, but the Navistar shareholders reacted skeptically.

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