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4 Reasons never to buy altcoins

Buying altcoins is a great way to get started in cryptocurrency. However, unlike other investments, altcoins can be harder to assess because so many factors are involved in their value, such as whether they will succeed or fail and how much demand there will be for them. It is often best not to buy altcoins if you want peace of mind. 

You’ll probably lose your money

That isn’t a surprise since most altcoins are scams and not backed by anything.

Furthermore, the price of an altcoin can be highly volatile, so you could buy at the top and sell at the bottom of a bubble or vice versa. If you don’t do your research before you buy altcoins, then it is likely that you will lose money on it eventually (and possibly sooner than later).

It’s easier to get scammed

Altcoins are a hotbed of scams, and the fact that they are so volatile makes it easier for scammers to take you for a ride. When you’re just starting out in the world of cryptocurrency, you will want to avoid altcoins at all costs. The volatility alone is enough reason not to buy them.

Don’t blindly follow the crowd to buy altcoins

Buying altcoins is a lot like buying stocks. You should never invest in something because other people are doing it too. The same principle applies here: if everyone else is buying Litecoin, don’t jump on board just because you’re trying to make money rather than invest in a good cryptocurrency.

Instead of buying altcoins because they’re trendy and everyone else likes them, try looking at their underlying fundamentals first. If they make sense to you, then go ahead and buy altcoins!

Diversify with Bitcoin, not altcoins

You should only invest in Bitcoin and be sensible about it all.

Altcoins are less valuable, secure, popular, or stable than Bitcoin. Therefore, you should focus your investments on the most important cryptocurrency and not waste time looking to buy altcoins.


If you’re looking for a way to invest in cryptocurrency, we recommend sticking with Bitcoin. It’s safer than altcoins and gives you more control over your investment.

If you’re still interested in investing in altcoins, ensure they have real-world use cases and are backed by a strong team before buying them. In most cases, there is no backing or use case. 

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