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4 chest exercises that The Rock does that you could do

The Rock is gearing up for Black Adam and has shared the must-have chest exercises in his training to become the DC hero.

The Rock is in full training for Black Adam so he took the opportunity to share some of the chest exercises that he has added to his routine and that are helping him shape his hardworking body to become the hero of DC.

For the film, The Rock wants to raise the bar to the maximum in terms of physicality and movement of the character. This means training twice a day and dedicating each day to a part of the body.

As he explains in his latest Instagram post, for chest exercises he uses 4 movements with which he works the area from all angles . The first 3 are performed one after the other, with practically no rest time (only the minimum to catch your breath) and the last one repeats it until failure.

For a complete and effective training, the actor performs 3 sets of these 4 exercises Pech or , which also then added another 3 sets of tricep exercises to finish the session focused on the upper body.

Although Dwayne Johnson does not give a fixed number of repetitions for each exercise (it depends on the physical form of each one), what he does make clear is that you must be smart with the weight used during training. Do you have to push yourself to the limit? Yes, but that doesn’t mean adding more weight than you can actually handle.

Thus, the 4 basic chest exercises that The Rock is using in his training for Black Adam are:

  • Chest fly
  • Chest press
  • Incline press
  • Bodyweight chest dips (to failure)

4 movements that everyone can add to their routine as long as they adapt in weight and repetitions to the physical state of each one. What is clear is that if they are effective for The Rock, they are for everyone.

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